Zucchini recipies please

I have actually a ton of zucchini that are also big to use..
I earned some zucchini bread loaves to provide away, however after making 8 of them, I still have actually concerning 10 much more pounds of them.. much more ahead from the garden as well..
I am searching for tips exactly what I must do along with them prior to they go unsatisfactory when it come to me..
The normal ones I slice lengthwise and BBQ them which we like, however the huge ones I have actually NO tip exactly what to make……………….

Any sort of tip OR Dish Would certainly BE Substantially Cherished ………..

Reasonable carb is vital however not necessary..
I have actually a Dish to make zucchini fritters which have a little flour.. I may attempt that, however that Would certainly just usage up a couple of zucchinis.. Many likely, one-half of a big one..
Kindly keep in mind we are when it come to upkeep and Consume nearly everything however we are still enjoying exactly what we consume.. Within demand ……..

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